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HypnoBirthing Course Outline

HypnoBirthing is about achieving trust and confidence in yourself your body and in your baby.  In today's society, our image of giving birth is strongly influenced by the media. If you are pregnant with your first baby and therefore have no experience of giving birth yourself, you may be very frightened about it.

Even if you have already experienced a birth, but for whatever reason, it was not the way you wanted it to be, you can learn to give birth without fear and with confidence.

HypnoBirthing is a complete course to prepare for childbirth. There will be 5 weekly lessons which will give you confidence, relaxation, focus and a positive outlook towards birth. You will learn breathing techniques, relaxation techniques and how to apply self-hypnosis and visualizations so that you are confident and relaxed during birth. This allows you to cooperate with your body, making the birth process easier and smoother.

My goal after the last lesson will be that you are excited and looking forward to giving birth to your baby.


Be Confident and Empowered!

Unit 1 – Setting the Stage

Dehypnotizing & Building a Positive Expectancy


Philosophy and Beginning of HypnoBirthing®

History of Women and Birthing

How the Uterus Works in Birthing

What’s Wrong with Labor

How Fear Affects Labor

The Origin of Fear in Labor

The Power of the Mind

The Laws of the Mind and Change

Psycho-physical Association 

Building Positive Images of Birth

Unit 4 – Overview and Summary of Childbirth

Birth Companions Role


Prelabor Tricksters

Labour Start

Birth Companions Support Role

Thinning and Opening Phase

Labor Slows or Rests

Misconceptions about Labor

Birth Companion Advocates for Mother and Baby

Hallmarks as Labor Advances


Birth Rehearsal Imagery

Unit 2 – Falling in Love with Your Baby

Pre-Birth Parenting, Preparing Your Mind and Body


Pre-Birth, Perinatal, and Postnatal Bonding

Background of Fetology Studies

Belly Mapping

Selecting Care Providers

Preparing the Mind for Birth

Hypnosis Deepening and Visualization

Releasing Fear

Sport & Nutrition

Unit 5 – Birthing

The Final Act and Bonding


Mother Nears Completion

Optimal Positioning for Baby in Labor and Birth Positions During Labor, Descent and Birthing Birthing Phase

Birth Breathing

Births Perfect Design


Fourth Trimester

Unit 3 – Advanced Visualization and Deepening


Labor and Birthing Visualizations and Deepenings

Looking at the “Estimated Due Date”

Avoiding Artificial Induction

Preparing Birth Preferences

How the Body Prepares for Birth

Initiating Labor Naturally

Your Body’s Perfect Design

Releasing Fears and Limiting Thoughts

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