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Testimonials & Birth Stories
Elay & Matin
HypnoBirthing Course
August 2020

We have become more aware of all the important facets of pregnancy and birth during this course.

It gave us the insight to embark on this journey together as partners and look forward to this amazing experience.

Also, the live sessions were great because we felt that the home atmosphere added a calm and serene touch.


Thank you again for all the efforts, Steffi! You’re always welcome to stop by for coffee:)

As it was our first pregnancy, I wanted to prepare myself a bit for what was to come.

However, no pregnancy course really sounded appealing enough to spend money on. And when it came to hypnobirthing, I was only avoiding reading about it, since I thought it was about hypnosis which I wasn't really open for.

Until I read about it on the website of Inflow. It right away caught my attention. It sounded very appealing also because the course was for couples and it was in English which was very convenient since my partner doesn't yet understand Dutch fluently.

The contact with Stefanie was really smooth and easy. We enjoyed the course and learned together to trust in the natural way of birth. It also matched with the idealogy of Islam which we follow. 

Altogether the course was helpful, Stefanie is a pleasant person who was flexible with us, and the environment of her house was very cosy and calm. 


Thank you for preparing us for this special phase in our lives.

Selay & Amr
HypnoBirthing Course September 2020
Aurelie & Babu
HypnoBirthing Course
November 2020

We wanted to share the good news with you. Our daughter Esmée was born on Tuesday at 10:05 and she is doing great!


I am really happy that it went well. My waters broke around 3:00 and the surges started at 4:30. We went to the Geboortehuis and had access to a pool and a very nice and tranquil room. 

We used the rainbow meditation and mostly breathing and massages. I came out of the pool for the last phase and Esmée was born while I was in all fours.


The midwives were great and said there were impressed with how smoothly and quick it went for a first birth.


Thanks so much for all you taught us! 

It made such a difference, allowing us to be clear about what we wanted and remaining empowered.


We're very grateful and will keep using breathing techniques and meditations.

We approached Steffi for the hypnobirthing course to prepare for the birth of our second daughter. The birth of our first daughter was extremely long and painful and while we wanted to have a natural birth at the end we found ourselves choosing medications.

Steffi helped us realise what actually happened during the first birth and how hypnobirthing and spinning babies could help us achieve a natural birth the 2nd time. She explained the theory very well and made us practice extensively to be prepared.

In addition, while spinning babies theory is not part of the main course, she recognised it was something that would help us and provided us with additional information and exercises to support the birth process. We feel much more relaxed, informed and prepared than we were the first time and we are very happy that we followed the course with Steffi.

Azra & Arnaud
HypboBirthing Course August 2020
Newborn Baby
Britany & JP
HypnoBirthing Course
August 2020

We were so happy to work with Steffi in preparing for the birth of our 1st!

Her classes helped us develop a better understanding of the pregnancy and birthing process and embody the empowering relaxation techniques from Marie Mongan.

By the end of the course, my husband and I developed a calm confidence in both how to prepare and how to have a calm, relaxed birth.


Additionally (and equally importantly), Steffi was like having a "birth mentor". She warmly welcomed and addressed any questions, and concerns I was having in regards to birth and pregnancy - which was invaluable for me in navigating the first pregnancy as an Expat.

Labour and birth of my first daughter were extremely long and painful. I was not able to let my body do the work, because with every contraction all my muscles cramped. Only with morphine, I was able to relax and have the natural birth I wished for.
When I got pregnant with my second daughter, I came across hypnobirthing while looking for ways to have a better birthing experience this time. The philosophy spoke to me right away, because of its very natural approach.
Luckily, I found Steffi's course online. She came to our home and was super flexible with times and dates. Steffi was extremely well prepared each time and in a very calm, but at the same time enthusiastic and encouraging way she helped us get to know the concept of hypnobirthing. The theory gave us a lot of helpful background information. But the most important aspect was the various exercises we did with Steffi, which prepared me to become very confident and positive about the upcoming birth.
When labour finally started I was able to welcome every contraction as something positive, I used the breathing and visualisation techniques and most importantly I stayed calm and positive without any fear. I was super focused and in control, but at the same time, I was able to let go completely and let my body do the beautiful work of bringing my daughter into this world. Thanks to Steffi's amazing hypnobirthing course I had the wonderful birth experience I had dreamed of.


Kristin & Christian
HypnoBirthing Course Oct 2019
Suzanne & Thomas
HypnoBirthing Course Feb 2020

We are Dutch native speakers but still decided to come to the English course of Inflow, because of the 'vibe' that Steffi shows on her website.

We have never regretted this decision because during the whole course everything was so relaxed and clear for us.

Hypnobirthing is a totally different approach than any other approaches that we heard of before, so you have to have an open mind about it.

Steffi calmly explains all the different aspects and takes time to listen to your own wishes and concerns if necessary.

This definitely worked for us as a couple and Steffi played a big part in informing us on how we could make this way of giving birth something that completely suits us. All in all, if you're looking for a relaxed, personal and informative course in which somebody makes you feel like you are so much more prepared for a calm and easy birth - Inflow will not let you down!

Thank you Steffi!

We had a beautiful birth experience, it started with the water breaking at 2 am and then the surges started around 4 am.

In the beginning, I tried to stay active and then later concentrated on the surges and tried different positions. During the surges I was concentrating on my breath and tried to relax, Viktor's closeness helped a lot, he was my strong support all the way. It really helped that my goal was to let the surges do their job and not going against them but to go with them.

Also relaxing my jaw was a good exercise. I had to keep reminding myself to do so.  When the midwife arrived, she was surprised how relaxed I am and how well I follow the lead of my body and I was actually more than 9 cm dilatated and decided to stay at home. I got amazing support from the midwife, they let me follow my feelings and supported me all the way along. Aron was born by 1 pm, without any intervention, all of us are healthy and very happy.


Thank you very much for all the hypnobirthing classes, they gave us a very strong base on how to think about birthing and what to expect during the different phases. 

Dora & Viktor
HypnoBirthing Course Jan 2021
Cristina & Yannick
HypnoBirthing Course
Mar 2021

You may feel overwhelmed by the amount of pregnancy courses that are out there for you to choose.

I was recommended to try the Hypnobirthing course and learn more about the natural way of giving birth.

I am Spanish living in The Netherlands and we were lucky enough to come across the Inflow Hypnobirthing course. Stefanie has been very kind and knowledgeable in this field.

We are very happy that we did this course. It's been a great way to get to know our birth options and learning how to achieve a peaceful birth with breathing techniques, visualisation and meditation.


We (as a couple) have become more aware of the possibilities during birth, we feel more confident about it and ready for it! In addition, if you are not Dutch, it's a great opportunity to learn about the "Dutch system". Stefanie has been very helpful in answering all our questions.

We look forward to having a smooth birth and welcome our daughter in a peaceful way.

We had a bit of a crazy birth story that I thought you would be interested to hear!

I was 39+3 weeks pregnant and was woken up suddenly at midnight by my contractions. So I rang the midwife and told her at this point they were 10-15minutes apart. So she told me ok just have a bath or a shower to relax a bit and call back if they become 3-4 minutes apart or my water breaks. I was experiencing really bad back labour so every time I had a contraction I was having terrible spasms in my lower back.

So Pim drew me a bath to see if that would ease my pain. While I was in the bath my water broke (this was now only 30 minutes later about 00.30). So I rang the midwife again but she was busy with another delivery so the assistant said she would call me back.

At this point my contractions started to really ramp up and within a half an hour my contractions were every 3-4 minutes. So then the midwife said ok I will send one of my colleagues and she will be there within 30 minutes. While we were waiting during one of my contractions I said to Pim, oh my god I have the urge to push!

Luckily the midwife didn't take 30 minutes to get to our apartment and arrived maybe 5-10minutes later (about 1.15am). When she got here she checked how far I had dilated and said well we're not going anywhere as you're already fully dilated. So she was getting Pim to grab the Kraamzorg pakket, ring the Kraamzorg to send someone over and begin setting up the bedroom for delivery.

Because of my back labour I struggled to find a comfortable position for pushing, but had the freedom to try multiple that felt comfortable for me. Everything went very fast in the end and Otis was born in our bed at 3.47! So we had a very unexpected but incredible home birth! I also decided to reject the oxytocin injection to wait to see if the placenta came out on it's own which it did within 5-10minutes!

While I didn't have time to use any meditation or breathing techniques I learned in hypnobirthing, this childbirth course prepared me in more ways than I ever could imagine and put me into the positive mindset that I could do this at home! Sorry for the very long email but I wanted to thank you for everything you taught us in the course! It especially prepared Pim to be an outstanding birth partner to support me through every step of the labour! It was such an incredible experience to give birth at home! We even have pictures from the labour and the Kraamzorg took a video of the moment Otis was delivered which is so special and I'm so happy I have it! I couldn't sit up due to my back pain to watch Otis come out so I am delighted I was able to watch this video after:)


I have been recommending hypnobirthing childbirth course to all my pregnant friends as in the weeks leading up to the birth I had been doing the breathing exercises and meditations almost every day which made me so ready to deliver my baby. 

Caoimhe & Pim
HypnoBirthing Course Mar 2021
image0 (4).jpeg
Saskia & Tino
HypnoBirthing Course
August 2022

The labor was a very good experience. I was calm and without pain. It went very quickly. I went to the hospital at  8.30 and the Kasper was born at 11.30. Only in the end, when I started to breathe the baby out, it went too slow, and Kasper's heartbeat went down. So I did push the traditional way the last bit. 


The midwife was very impressed. She is quite experienced but she said she had never seen such a beautiful and in-control labor. She was interested in your course and she said she will recommend it to her clients. 


Kasper is a very easygoing and happy baby. We manage to take him everywhere, to the beach, to a restaurant, even when it's noisy. He is super calm, maybe thanks to the easy birth?


We want to thank you lot for your wonderful course. Giving birth was a great experience thanks to you. 

Yes, exactly on the expected date Aug 6, I gave birth to our little one - Max Van den Berghe. 

He weighed 3600gm, 53cm long. 

I had my natural delivery at home underwater.

Everything went well! I’m very grateful and thank full to You! Everything started with you and your online course that I and Kris did.

Without your course, we could have never known about it! So thank you  


My surges started at 2:15 am at night and the next day morning at 10:54 am he was born. It took 45min to open up from 6cm to 10cm and he was born!


Our midwife was super impressed by the timing and also she was hard to do anything. Apparently, I did everything. 


Once again a huge Thank you for making this happen for us!

Baby's Grasp
Smita & Kris
HypnoBirthing Course May 2021
Linda & Giuseppe
HypnoBirthing Course
May 2021

I am writing to let you know that our daughter Sole was born on Friday July the 30th 

It was a beautiful home birth and everything we wished for came true. Milo was present and was very relaxed and curious the whole time. He was playing and singing in his own familiar environment. It made the whole situation feel natural and cozy.

The birth went a lot faster than the first time - contractions started around 3am and Sole was born at 10:41 am. I was able to breathe her down, no pushing, in just two contractions. The contractions felt very manageable the whole time, it was still intense but I felt very relaxed. I tried the rainbow meditation but somehow I was not able to ‘feel’ it, so I just put some background music from my pregnancy yoga soundtrack and it really helped me get into the right vibe.

I feel like this would have been an easier birth in any case, BUT!!! I am 100% sure that all the preparation we have done, and the hypnobirthing approach you taught us, really shifted my perspective and helped me feel more relaxed and in control of my own birth experience. I visualized this beautiful birth a lot, and to see it come to life was really an empowering and cathartic experience.

I am very proud of this birth and super happy that our daughter could enter the world so gently and calmly. And I’d like to thank you for enabling us to achieve this! We are truly grateful to have found you <3

Earlier this week I gave birth to Auguste and had a « perfect » birthing!!!
Everything went really well and fast!
I got a first contraction at 3:30pm on Wednesday, and then a lot more a few minutes after and then more space in between so we went home, I relaxed in bed with the peanut ball and my birthing affirmations while Kevin managed to get the birthing bath inflated and filled up, to contact my parents to come to take care of Basile and to call the verloskundige. She arrived around 5pm/5:15pm I think, then checked how it was going and saw I was already at 9cm at 5:30pm and at 5:40pm Auguste was born in 3 waves (1 for my water, 1 for the head and 1 for the body). Kevin arrived for the 2nd wave because he was helping Basile to leave the house so could easily have missed it.
We kept placenta for another 45min before I birthed it.
Auguste is born at 4kg, fully healthy and went out with giving any stitches or scratch, which is a miracle for me.
Verloskundige was really impressed by the speed and calm of this birthing, and Kramzorg arrived just too late.
My parents with Basile were still in the street when I birthed so they could join back and Basile eventually slept at home and could welcome his brother just 10min after birth.
So I look back really really happy about that birthing.
The full Hypnobirthing method really helped me to stay calm, keep breathing, understand at which stage I was and give a clear indication (verloskundige didn’t wait for me to be for an hour at 5min contractions to come). So thanks a loooot for that!!!

image0 (6).jpeg
Manon & Kevin
HypnoBirthing Course
May 2023
image (1)_edited.jpg
Marie & Stavros
One Day Course

My birth was amazing… no other word. I could talk to you about it for a long time if you are curious hehe.

The surges started at 5:00 a.m. on the day of my birthday, 1 week after the supposed due date.

I manage until 16:00 on my own with hypnobirthing techniques learned with you and the book.

Then we went to the hospital and gave birth without painkillers with the help of a pool and amazing staff. I felt like a champion after a won battle 💥.

I recovered quickly and could go for walks outside at d+5 … dream birth. I couldn’t be more thankful to you and all the amazing friends and staff guiding me on the Zen birth way.

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