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Hypno Baby The Birth

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

January 3rd 2019, the Birth of my little Nicolas.

1 AM

I went to bed late and as usual, I listened to the rainbow mediation before falling asleep. The mediation was almost as its end and I was half asleep, when the little one suddenly became active and started kicking. I felt a big kick and heard a loud plop! Exactly like a water balloon. Wow, what just happened? My water really broke? As shown in many movies, it is not so common that labor starts with membrane release-statistically only 10% of births start this way. I immediately woke Pedro up and we went directly to the hospital as I began labor with my little breech baby. It was an unbelievable feeling and I remember being excited and looking forward to what would happen next.

2 AM

We arrived at the hospital and were shown to our room. They really respected my birth plan and the room was dark and quiet and we were almost never interrupted during the birth. I was asked if I was having surges (HypnoBirthing Term for contractions) and my response was, "How do they feel?" Answer: you will recognize them when they come. In that moment I got the first one, not strong, but clear that it was a surge. The whole atmosphere was super relaxed and quiet, I directly went to the bed as I also needed a CTG. Directly after the CTG the gynaecologist came and checked me. I was 1 cm dilated and all seemed well and we were left alone.

From the moment we left the house, I was listening to the rainbow mediation on repeat. It put me in a deeply relaxed state and I just focused on my breathing. Breathing through one balloon after the other and giving my uterus and baby enough space during each surge. Pedro was sleeping next to me on the sofa and I was in a deep trance, constantly listening to the mediation and focusing on my breathing.

4 AM

Time really flew and the next time I looked at the clock it was already 4. Time distortion came naturally with my birth and was truly incredible. Another check from the hospital and I was offered to remove the CTG, but as I had a wireless one, it was okay to keep it. I was lying on my back, doing nothing more than trying to relax and focus on my breathing. I only stood up to go to the toilet, but I was most comfortable lying down, as other positions I tried just were not for me. At this time I was already 4-5 cm dilated, but I had no track of how fast or often I had my surges as I was super deep in myself, aware about the surrounding, but focused just on my body and my baby.

6 AM

Slowly, there was more action in our room. After the 6 AM check I was already 8-10 cm dilated and it seemed that the baby was starting to come. I also felt a change in the contractions as the balloon-breathing technique wasn’t working out so well anymore, and I got some different and stronger contractions that I wouldn’t really have liked to have had for a longer time period. That also was the time that Pedro got active. He was now next to me, and from now on my personal midwife. I don’t even remember whether we had a midwife from the hospital as, besides the gynaecologist, only Pedro was actively supporting the birth. The gynaecologist needed to call his colleague as she was specialised in breech and I saw a super happy and relaxed doctor entering the room, excited to have her first breech birth on all fours. That was my biggest wish in the briefings I had with the hospital as that method is the best and most natural position to give birth to a breech baby as almost no intervention is needed – the baby can birth itself completely alone.

Unfortunately, I had to destroy her dream, as suddenly the only comfortable position for me was lying on my back (the only position I never wanted to give birth in). I can still see the disappointment on her face.

7 AM

The actual birth phase was beginning. Nico was down in my pelvis and the NER (Natural Expulsive Reflex) had started. It is difficult to describe these surges, as for me it was an incredible sensation and I felt an enormous power throughout my whole body. I felt so much energy and it was so expulsive that it was difficult to handle it and just to breathe down into my cervix. Pedro was there the whole time giving my legs the needed support and giving me light touch massage. I honestly can’t 100 per cent remember how long this phase took but, in between the surges, I was super aware of the energy, feeling literally nothing, and had a conversation and shared some jokes with the doctors.

Then they said, “Wow! Almost there!” And I got super excited and asked, “So the body’s out?” “Nope, but we can see the butt!”

What a bummer!!! I directly went out of my relaxation as at that moment I had expected to be a bit further along with so much excitement from everyone. Luckily my husband put me back into my relaxation with our keyword: Lavender.

Soon Nico really plopped out, butt-first, and it was an amazing feeling when I touched him. I felt for the first time my little baby outside my womb. This was now the critical part, as it shouldn’t take too much time to give birth to the head as the umbilical cord could be snapped off by his head and disturb the oxygen supply. The gynaecologist calmed me down and told me to relax and wait for the next surge.

8:25 AM

And then he was born. An amazing and magical moment. I can’t put those feelings into words. Having Nico on my chest after carrying him for more than 9 months was incredible. There was directly a special bond between all 3 of us and Pedro and I really can say that we have birthed him together.

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