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My first HypnoBaby is born: Birth Storie of my first couple Kristin & Christian

Today I received the birth story of Kristin & Christian, the first couple I was teaching HypnoBirthing. I love to share this wonderful experience with you and this shows you can have the birth of your


Kristin & Christian, Birth of daughter Lilli

Labour and birth of my first daughter were extremely long and painful. I was not able to let my body do the work, because with every contraction all my muscles cramped. Only with morphine, I was able to relax and have the natural birth I wished for.

When I got pregnant with my second daughter, I came across hypnobirthing while looking for ways to have a better birthing experience this time. The philosophy spoke to me right away, because of its very natural approach.

Luckily, I found Steffi's course online. She came to our home and was super flexible with times and dates. Steffi was extremely well prepared each time and in a very calm, but at the same time enthusiastic and encouraging way she helped us get to know the concept of hypnobirthing. The theory gave us a lot of helpful background information. But the most important aspect was the various exercises we did with Steffi, which prepared me to become very confident and positive about the upcoming birth.

When labour finally started I was able to welcome every contraction as something positive, I used the breathing and visualisation techniques and most importantly I stayed calm and positive without any fear. I was super focused and in control, but at the same time, I was able to let go completely and let my body do the beautiful work of bringing my daughter into this world. Thanks to Steffi's amazing hypnobirthing course I had the wonderful birth experience I had dreamed of.

You will find further birth stories or testimonials on my website.

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