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Welcome to Inflow

Welcome to my blog and actually my first post. I am Stefanie Gatto Herrera and have been living for 7 years now in Rotterdam, South Holland.

Originally, I am from Hamburg, Germany, happily married to my Chilean husband (who by the way imported me to Rotterdam) and mom from my almost one-year old little boy.


He is also the reason, why I am writing this post. His birth changed not just my private life also professional I started something new. Since December I am now a HypnoBirthing practitioner and started my company Inflow.

I like to help woman to get back to their roots and birth the way it should be done. In a calm and easy way, with love and happiness. Fear shouldn’t be present and also doesn’t have to. Birthing is something wonderful and magic. You can reach your spirituality and grow, if you trust yourself, your body and your baby.

In this blog I will share my personal experience with my own pregnancy and HypnoBirthing experience, giving birth in the Netherlands and different topics about natural birth.

If you have any question to me, please leave me a comment or contact me directly.

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